Zachary Knowles hits an emo bullseye on ‘super sad songs’

If you’re a Zachary Knowles fan, there’s a good chance you’re big on a sad banger or two. The songwriter’s latest is just that, an aptly titled hit named super sad songs.

Rising star Zachary Knowles has a habit of striking an emotional chord, often warbling his catchy lyrics over little else but a guitar, some piano, and a beat. He wears lovesickness on his sleeve with a simplicity few songwriters muster, so if all you need from your favourite artist is a solid cry every now and then, look no further.

His latest single super sad songs swings into super self-reflective territory; it’s a super sad song about his super sad songs. And of course, it’s about somebody he’s desperately in love with.

“Honestly I’m getting tired of sittin’ in my room writing super sad songs bout you,” croons Knowles as the chorus kicks in. The song works as a delivery vessel for a pretty stock-standard love story, made exceptional by Knowles’ practiced touch.

It’s someone wondering how they lost someone else, reflecting on the warning signs, the bad decisions… the lot. super sad songs is the post-relationship period of heaviness the world knows too well, and as usual, Knowles manages to hit the nerve with laser focus.

super sad songs comes packaged with a lyric video, directed by Jonah George, following Zachary Knowles as he goes on a road trip from the comfort of his bed. A concept perhaps inspired by the lines:

“And I’ve never been a liar, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sleep till noon
It’s hard to get out of my bed
When I don’t know what’s in your head” 

It’s a beautiful way to illustrate a bed-ridden emotional marathon, or the kind of night you’re up with nothing but your thoughts.

On super sad songs Knowles has continued to stun, making it three from three (city and slow summer before this) since he released the spellbinding magnolia EP.

Whether more singles or something chunkier are in the works, you can bet there’ll be thousands of fans hanging on for each new word from Zachary Knowles.


super sad songs is out now via FADER Label/Caroline Australia. Stream or purchase your copy here.