1 in 5 AirPod owners use them during sex

The AirPod is an emblem of our wireless Black Mirror-esque society, a curious fashion statement, and now, according to a recent study by TickPick, an essential stimulant in the bedroom.

Seventeen per cent of Apple AirPod owners have had sex while wearing them. These wireless devices could allow users to enjoy diverse musical tastes, while doing the deed.

How the study was conducted is itself a point of interest. Of the 1010 participants who engaged, 54.6% were male, 45.0% were female, and 0.4% identified as neither male or female. To qualify for this study the participants needed to enjoy listening to music, and be sexually active. TickPick were quick to weed out those who didn’t fit the above classification categories.

Now of course, as is the case with most internet “studies”, the limitation here is that the survey relied on self-reported data. And some of the respondents may have inserted bias depending on their mood while taking the survey.

That being said, I think we can all safely say that this 17% figure adds up. It might be a bit touch and go, but if you go through your 5-person friend circle (who obviously all own AirPods), let us know if one (or more) enjoys wearing them in bed. You may be pleasantly or unpleasantly (depending on how you feel about the subject matter) surprised.