PJ Harvey releases six brand new tracks and a music video

PJ Harvey releases six brand new tracks

PJ Harvey has released six brand new tracks for the television show The Virtues, created by Shane Meadows.

She has scored the entirety of the four-part drama series, telling the story of a young man coming to terms with his previously repressed memories and ultimately seeking revenge.

PJ Harvey releases six brand new songs and a music video for Shane Meadows’ new drama series, The Virtues.

This score follows up her soundtrack contribution for the stage play All About Eve, which came out earlier this year.

Harvey speaks highly of her participation in the show, “I am so happy to have provided the original music for this extraordinary and powerful new drama by a director I have admired and followed all my life.” 

She also talks of her magnetic partnership with director Meadows, “Shane has a unique directness and sensibility to his work which I am drawn to and aspire to in my own work, so our collaboration was open and trusting. I sent Shane ideas as demos for him to try out as he edited and let him choose what he used and where to greatest effect. In the end, we both loved how the demos worked so left them as they were, again adding to the raw beauty of the piece.”

Additionally, she Harvey also released a music video for track The Crowded Cell from the soundtrack. Directed by Meadows, the video is formed of the closing credits for The Virtues.

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