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10 random questions with The Ruiins

Last month, when Forster-based two-piece The Ruiins dropped their latest single Wasted, we were immediately on board with their folky indie-rock sounds.

So fresh off the track’s release, we decided we’d get to know the band a little better. Here are 10 random questions answered by Adam and Pat from The Ruiins.

Fresh off the release of their new single Wasted, we decided to get to know The Ruiins a little better. Here are their answers to 10 random questions…

Favourite Movie:

ADAM: Lord Of The Rings. All 3 movies are legit, but if I had to choose one, I’d say The Two Towers.

PAT: The Lion King for sure. I still get bummed thinking about Mufasa dying. Scar’s a real piece of work.

Favourite TV show as a kid:

ADAM: Rocket Power. I named our family dog “Regi” after the girl in the show. Those kids were all over it!

PAT: Take a guess. 6pm on Channel 10 every night.

5 albums from your childhood:

⁃ Silverchair – Freakshow
⁃ Metallica – The Black Album
⁃ Elton John – Madman Across The Water
⁃ Queen – Greatest Hits 1
⁃ Led Zeppelin – IV

⁃ Dads Beer Songs CD
⁃ Black Sabbath – Paranoid
⁃ Arctic Monkeys – Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not
⁃ Children Collide – The Long Now
⁃ Pennywise – About Time

5 bands you listen to currently:

⁃ Daniel Caesar
⁃ Matt Corby
⁃ Bon Iver
⁃ Fleet Foxes
⁃ The Black Keys

⁃ Amen Dunes
⁃ Mac Demarco
⁃ Pist Idiots
⁃ Parquet Courts
⁃ Dads Beer Songs CD

First Album You Ever Bought:

ADAM: Blink 182 – The Mark, Tom and Travis Show. It was a live show they recorded in the late ’90s… I prefer it to their studio recordings ha.

PAT: The Offspring – Conspiracy of One.

Favourite Food:

ADAM: Pizza or Mexican.

PAT: Fish tacos in Colliton Pde house with fresh fish caught from Bungie Mac.

1 thing I would have if I was on a deserted island:

ADAM: Survival Knife.


Scrunch or Fold?

ADAM: Fold

PAT: 4 squares, folded in half. I have OCD haha.

How many do you do and what’s on top:

ADAM: 5 with Honey maybe a bit of fruit.

PAT: I used to be really fussy with weet-bix. I could only eat them at my mum’s house in a certain bowl with nothing on them haha but these days I think I’d smash about 5 or 6 covered in honey

First Live Concert:

ADAM: FOTSUN (Festival of The Sun). I was 14 or 15, I remember watching COG and Gotye. We jumped the fence to get in. I got my nose broken that night.

PAT: Big Day Out 2008. I was 15 and in the front row for Something With Numbers with a broken toe.

Wasted is available now. Listen above.


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April 5, 2019