From Sydney to the Sahara: 6 new releases you need to hear

Some wild sounds were released to the world this week. From the deserts of Niger to the hinterland of Byron Bay, here are some of the most grabbing releases of the week.

Wrap your ears around these for a happy, happy time.

As the week wraps up we hone in on our favourite releases from the past seven days. Here are 6 of the hottest new sounds.

Mdou Moctar – Ilana (The Creator)

The first studio album Tuareg artist Mdou Moctar is quite unlike anything else on the planet. Raised in northern Niger, he shares nothing of the inspiration of ’60s guitar gods such as Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, and as a result has created an astoundingly psychedelic body of guitar music to a Western ear.

The songs are all reflections of the grim realities that face Moctar, no rock n’ roll fantasies here. His people are “modern slaves”, he explains, colonised by the French. He also wants to draws attention to the “women of the desert.. they don’t have water to drink, there is no medicine in the hospitals.” Serious music for a serious cause.

Feast your ears and minds on Mdou Moctar and be transported as each note soars with the boundlessness of the Saharan desert.

Mini Mansions – Hey Lover featuring Alison Mosshart

While they’re still fresh in the minds of every Australian who saw them supporting Arctic Monkeys, Mini Mansions have unveiled the languid Hey Lover, a duet with Alison Mosshart of The Kills.

“Mini Mansions make foul play sound elegant”, said Mosshart, and we couldn’t agree more. Consider the new track a lively warm-up to the band’s upcoming album Guy Walks Into A Bar… set for release on July 26th.

I Know Leopard – Love Is A Landmine

Sydney four-piece I Know Leopard have dropped a new album today. Its fresh, it’s hot and it’s oozing with sexy grooves. With plenty of warbly 70’s synth and the beautiful interplay of Luke and Jenny’s vocals they have a tendency to pull all the right heartstrings.

The outfit also possess a commanding live presence too, with plenty of glam and glitter. Soak up the new album and catch them on their upcoming national tour. Tickets here.

Hot Chip – Hungry Child

With perhaps the smartest film clip for a house song to date, Hot Chip are back and they are blazing. An incompatible couple are going crazy as this song follows them everywhere they go. Neighbours blame it on “millennials” as they yell “I hate house music”. It’s witty, original and wonderfully executed.

It’s a double threat, get down with the storyboarding as well as the sweet jam. Hungry Child is the first single from their new album A Bath Full Of Ecstacy out 21 June.

The National – Light Years

Light Years is the second single from The National’s upcoming album I Am Easy To Find. It’s a brilliantly nuanced reflection on life and love, with tonnes of grace and composure. The piano is stripped back and the vocals are simple yet powerful.

If your feeling up on the Friday funnies, this will probably make you cry so give it a miss. However, it’s only sad because it’s so beautiful, and we couldn’t recommend it enough. Grab the tissues and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Babe Rainbow – Morning Song

Released a mere two hours ago, Babe Rainbow have dropped a brand new single ahead of their national tour. “Greener pastures” have never been better encapsulated than in this clip. It features some of the most seriously stunning scenes of rolling hills and hinterlands we’ve ever seen. You might think it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

Indeed the laid back lullaby is, no doubt, best enjoyed first thing in the morning or just before bed so give it a whirl and enjoy the aesthetic. Oh also, there’s nudity.