3 travel ideas for NSW as BOM predicts a warmer winter ahead

3 travel ideas for NSW as BOM predicts a warmer winter ahead

Whilst the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) reports that we are set for a wetter winter this year, it also reports that we are likely to have warmer winter days and nights compared to usual.

With the announcement that regional travel restrictions are set to relax from June 1st,  we’ve compiled a list of three great destinations you can visit this upcoming winter – all the while appreciating the best that New South Wales has to offer.

Photo: Scott Goodwill

BOM says this winter is set to be warmer than most, and with travel restrictions soon relaxing, it’s the perfect time for a weekend away. We’ve got a couple of pandemic-friendly places you can travel to this season in NSW.

1. Why not practice isolation from the comfort of a Bubbletent in the Capertee Valley?

Only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Sydney city, this experience is a little pricey at around $500 a night for two people, but it’ll be a stay in NSW you won’t forget. Located within the world’s second-largest canyon, each Bubbletent looks out over the incredible valley and – best of all – you’re unlikely to run into anyone else during your stay. Each tent is hidden from one another but you’re definitely not shielded from the amazing landscape or wildlife that surrounds. You can book your stay here from Sunday, May 24th at 1 pm.


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2. Head to the snow at Perisher Blue resort!

This one is still not yet confirmed to be an option for your winter holiday this year. Pending announcements expected in the coming days, Perisher Blue will notify guests as to whether skiing and stays here will be permitted. But things are looking good, so make sure to check out their passes and accommodation options available on the website. In the meantime, stay up to date with COVID-19 updates published here by the Perisher Blue team.

3. Stay in a tiny house!

If you’ve ever visited the Blue Mountains region you’ll know just how stunning the area is. We think everyone could do with some fresh air and an escape into this picturesque landscape. Lucky for us, this Tiny House in Lithgow is taking bookings from June 1st. Affordable and self-sufficient, the home is the perfect place to soak up the natural bushy surrounds, go on a hike or simply relax with a book whilst looking out the large windows at the trees and wildlife.


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With BOM predicting the upcoming months to be a little warmer than usual, consider an escape somewhere in New South Wales in the winter holidays. But remember to exercise safe travel – keeping in mind social distancing and a maximum of ten people when in a group. Happy travels.