Pre-Ambient Madness: 4 revered Brian Eno albums have been remastered for vinyl by Abbey Road

Throughout the 1970s Brian Eno was taking his first solo steps, having broken away from his band Roxy Music. Taking influence from their glam aesthetic as well as burgeoning prog rock, Eno composed a sequence of albums that were firmly in the pop sphere.

1973’s Here Come The Warm Jets, 1974’s Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), 1975’s Another Green World and 1978’s Before And After Science represent this stage of Eno’s distinguished and influential career. Today, news reached us that all four of these records are set for a vinyl reissue.

brian eno half speed masters 4 albums

4 albums representing a revered midpoint in Brian Eno’s career are coming to a record store near you, remastered at half-speed by Abbey Road Studios.

Each of the four albums has been remastered at half-speed for 45RPM playback by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.

Set for release on August 4 (in case you didn’t glean that from the image above), you can pre-order all four albums now.

It was only in the late 70s, with Extracts From Music for White Cube, that the synth mastermind begun his ambient career (around the same time he lost his gorgeous locks).

Via Resident Advisor.

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