5 artists from New Zealand that we’re digging right now

With the launching of our Needle in the Hay competition, we’ve been spending a month or two bringing you our favourite artists from every corner of the country. Nearly every Aussie state is done and dusted, so we thought we’d take a break and say hi to our neighbours.

New Zealand squeezes out some consistently amazing juice, but unfortunately too small a portion of that tastiness makes it across to Australia. Here are five artists we’re currently all about, here’s hoping you find a new favourite inside.

5 artists from new zealand we're digging right now kane strang

We’re looking everywhere we can to give one artist the chance to press their record to vinyl. Here are 5 artists from New Zealand we’re digging.

Kane Strang

Dunedin songwriter Kane Strang signed to the very swish Dead Oceans before putting out his latest, an album named Two Hearts and No Brain. This guy is deadpan magnetism at its absolute peak, pop music for the downtrodden, the sad, and especially the lonely.

My Smile Is Extinct is addictive, you’ve been warned.

Matthew Young

If Frank Ocean was walking down the street and tripped over a small mountain of straight-up funk, Matthew Young would hit the tarmac on the other side.

The mysterious R&B sensation has been getting a ton of love from his home turf, Australia, and just about everywhere else. After listening to Collect, I think you’ll understand the hype.


Anyone in the know will tell you, indi is destined for big, big things. An export from national favourite Doprah, Indira Force is turning heads everywhere with only two singles on the board. Her debut album is slotted for August, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear it.

Her debut film clip Precipice is utterly next-level, even taking home the grand prize at the recent Clipped Music Video Festival. Suss it out below.


Something shoegazey, something indie, something moody. Beeches caught our attention a couple of months back when they only had two singles, We Don’t Know and Red Line out to the world.

They’ve since dropped two more, and Cos I Can is one of them, an absolute lullaby. If this two piece keep doing what they’re doing, that fan count will keep on growing.


It’s too hard to go past Fazerdaze when you’re checking out the New Zealand talent. Wellington’s Amelia Murray has gone from strength to strength since starting out, it seems like she’s incapable of writing a song that isn’t catchy.

Lucky Girl is exhibit A. If you somehow haven’t heard this one yet, you’re in for a serious treat.


Needle In The Hay is a vinyl competition targeting the next generation of exciting musical talent across Australia and New Zealand. Find out all the details here. 

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