5 artists from Tasmania that we’re digging right now

With the launching of our Australia-wide (and now NZNeedle in the Hay competition, we’ll be spending a few weeks bringing you our favourite artists from each state in the country. Today marks our jump across the halfway point, having already tackled Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia.

This time we’re going as far south as south can be, to our wayward Van Diemen’s Land. Or you know, Tasmania. While the state hasn’t classically been a musical hub, a ton of bands emerging in the last decade are definitely changing the game. Here are five of our favourites.

5 artists from tasmania we're digging right now foxy morons

We’re looking all over Australia to give one artist the chance to press their record to vinyl. Here are 5 artists from Tasmania we’re digging.

Foxy Morons

Although the Foxy Morons may portray a somewhat bleak exterior, there’s a glimmer of something truly special to be gleaned within this act. Revelling in their imperfection, they’re bittersweet lo-fi at it’s finest.

Their debut, self-titled EP came our way in March this year. Suss it out below.

Maddy Jane

If you’re simply in need of a darn good time, Maddy Jane is your gal. She recently knocked off an Aussie tour on the boot heels of Polish Club and as someone who was there, it went off.

Her newest cut No Other Way is the cure to sadness, drink it in below.


Who doesn’t love a Treehouse? These guys are ragged, raw and riding on a mix that’s practically ripped to shreds. With lines like “everybody’s the centre of their world” scattered through each of their releases, there’s some real wisdom to be found between the cracks here yet.

Have a listen to their most recent album Centre of Their World below.

Carl Renshaw

He’s picked up a ton of credits through Unearthed so far, and it seems like the 17 year old Carl Renshaw isn’t stopping anytime soon. If his Unearthed page is to be believed, this young gun writes and records every part of his tunes himself… looks like we may have another Kevin Parker on our hands.

You’ll get some massive Innerspeaker-era Tame Impala vibes from his latest cut Dressed In Daze.


Just when you thought this list was going to be five groups of guitar-slinging buckaroos under the rock ‘n’ roll umbrella, Actroid comes riding in on a floating nimbus of 80s synth steeze and motherfucking laserbeams.

This guy is Kavinski, Carpenter Brut and Jeff Buckley from Tron rolled into one cheesy burrito. Forget about the present and listen to his HOT FLUSH  EP below, just 11 days old.