5 planets will align with the moon every morning this month!

The planets including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will line up with the moon for the remainder of June.

Passionate stargazers are uniting this month to witness planets aligning, a phenomenon that is only seen once every few decades.

The astronomical wonder that started on the 3rd of June and hasn’t happened since December of 2004 will continue until the end of the month. Look east towards the pre-dawn sky with the naked eye, or if possible, a telescope or binoculars—to see a five-long string of planets but, you’ll only have 30 minutes to check it out!

Credit: Getty

The planets will shine in a row because they all travel on the plane of the solar system, known as the ‘ecliptic’ plane. But they won’t be nearly as close to each other as they appear; each of these planets are millions of miles away from each other.

Lining up in order of their distance from the Sun, Mercury will look the brightest and will only get brighter with each passing night until the end of the month. The planets will span 91 degrees of our sky. Up for debate is the best time to see the planets at their peak.

30 minutes before sunrise is all we have. This will allow you to have the darkness of the sky as the perfect backdrop as well as providing the 5 planets’ the perfect amount of light from the rising sun. TimeandDate.com can be used if necessary, no matter your area.

While the celestial display is only on for this month, it’s certainly something worth witnessing, at least once in your lifetime.

For the truly dedicated stargazers, something special will happen on June 24. That’s when the waning crescent moon will be in alignment between Venus and Mars. This is coupled with Mercury being the brightest it’ll be all month. Open your diaries and set your alarm clocks!