People aged 50 and above are having amazing sex, studies find

Christine Retschlag of collated the results of sex surveys and found that “sex gets better with age”.

Hitting over 50 years old is a landmark moment for many. Some people may choose to retire while for others, life is just getting started. Whichever end you fall into, rest assured that one thing is clear: your time between the sheets is going to get a lot better.

While writing for, award-winning journalist Christine Retschlag analysed the disparity between sex surveys to uncover the titillating find.


Retschlag highlighted a 2016 survey – conducted by the website Gransnet and published by the Daily Mail – which found that “one in four couples [over 50] no longer make love but insist they couldn’t be happier”.

“While passion is undoubtedly important for most people, it turns out that the glue in successful long-term relationships is compassion, kindness, generosity and friendship – which is advice that people of any age can use,” said Cari Rosen, an editor at Gransnet, when speaking to the Daily Mail.

“Lots of younger people don’t like to think about older people having loving relationships and good sex, which is odd when you consider that for many of us it’s the best-case scenario.”

However, it’s a survey conducted by wellness website Mind Body Green (in collaboration with the dating app Lumen) that’ll have you looking forward to your post-50s bedroom romps.

“The survey, of 2000 sexually active people aged between 50 and 80, found they had sex twice a month on average. But despite these figures, 22 per cent reported that they have become more adventurous in the bedroom as they’ve aged, and 8 per cent admitted they had become ‘much more’ saucy,” Retschlag writes.

Older age means more free time for sex, and the results showed that 24 minutes was the average running time for these adventurous seniors.

Not only that, but amongst the respondents who identified as single, “14 per cent were open to having sex on the first date and almost one in three within the first three dates”.

50s couple

Retschlag was able to find other facts about the often-unspoken world of post-50s sex.

When referencing a survey from the fitness and nutrition website, AARP Healthy Living, Retschlag “found that 91 per cent of men and 86 per cent of women are sexually active, with one three 50-somethings having sex at least once a week”.

And for positions? Well… a survey from 2019 (also conducted by Lumen) found that “35 per cent of men … prefer missionary [compared to the 25 per cent who prefer] ‘doggy’ position”. For women, the results came in at “24 per cent and 14 per cent respectively”.