6 helpful tips if you’re thinking about travelling in the coronavirus outbreak

The infamous COVID-19, more commonly known as coronavirus seems to be causing an impact everywhere. With boomers stockpiling all the toilet paper and music festivals shutting down left right and centre, are these signs that travelling isn’t the smartest idea?

We’ve put together a list of 6 helpful tips when it comes to getting around during the outbreak of coronavirus.

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With coronavirus now labelled as a global pandemic, here are 6 tips to help you decide whether to jump on that plane or not.

No one could have predicted the outbreak of coronavirus, and many people with pre-booked travel plans have been left wondering what to do as the current climate changes on the daily.

If you have travel plans booked for the immediate future, the next few months, or even if you’re just thinking about booking, here are some tips to help you decide.

If your destination has copped a level 3 travel notice from the CDC, don’t go there

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) has recommended canning any non-essential trips to countries with a warning level of three. These countries currently have sustained, ongoing coronavirus transmission so it’s really in your best interests not to risk it. Countries which currently hold a level 3 notice are China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea.

Buses and trains are riskier than planes

During an outbreak such as coronavirus, Maxwell Leitschuh from WorldAware has noted that “planes themselves are one of the safer public places to be”. Buses and trains tend to be more crowded and also lack the HEPA filters that airlines are placing on their planes.

Your age can help you avoid the virus

People 65 and over are more likely to get infected, as well as those with underlying health conditions. But even still, if you’re young, this doesn’t mean you’re immune – and it also doesn’t mean you can’t impact the situation. If you’re infected with the virus and venture into public areas, you could infect other people who are potentially more at risk.

If your destination has no confirmed cases, an outbreak could still happen

Conditions can change rapidly especially with a disease as infectious as coronavirus. Be prepared for your plans to potentially take the back seat, as you may need to stay safe by paying for more nights in a hotel if an outbreak occurs.

Flights to Italy are super cheap… Is it worth it?

Don’t even think about it. This area is unfortunately seriously affected and $100 off a plane ticket isn’t going to help you when you’re there.

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What about my June travel plans?

Whilst it’s impossible to know how the situation will develop from here, at this point, there’s little indication that the virus will be controlled by the middle of the year. The virus does tend to thrive in colder, drier conditions and some experts think warmer weather could slow the virus down (that’s June-August in the Northern Hemisphere). Yet at this point, there’s no hard evidence on how the climate will impact the spread of the disease.

For any trips booked in the near future, the same rules apply. If you’re under 65 and healthy, travelling might put you in a position where you get the virus, however, you’ll most likely be fine. Yet what is most important is that you consider the risk you pose to others. If you do contract the virus, head here for more information on what to do.