Don't despair, Jimmy Brings is now delivering toilet paper

Don’t despair, Jimmy Brings is now delivering toilet paper

The past few days have been a frenzy for plenty of Aussies at the supermarket. Amongst the coronavirus panic, the toilet paper crisis has managed to hit a new all-time low. It’s gotten to a point where the stores are literally empty. Even IGA has been completely cleared.

Alcohol delivering service, Jimmy Brings is attempting to save the day by delivering toilet paper to desperate households who are left without any. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at this point.

Jimmy Brings is now delivering toilet paper to desperate Australian families amidst the boomer-induced toilet paper crisis.

Customers can order themselves some loo roll that will then be delivered to their houses in 30 minutes. Though, there is a strict policy of only 4 rolls available per customer. Fair enough. They’re going for $2.99 per roll which is honestly pretty expensive. But hey, people are desperate now. Jimmy Brings will also be donating $1 per roll to the UNICEF Coronavirus Appeal.

A spokesperson for Jimmy Brings made a statement on the crisis:

“We’re not sure what people think they need all this loo roll for, but we’re here to help when your local supermarket is totally OUT.”

Me neither my dude.

Other foods quickly clearing out include packaged goods such as pasta, rice, meats and snacks. Bread is also gone, as well as every single bottle of hand sanitiser in existence. Don’t even ask about the masks. You’d think the world had already ended at this rate.

In all seriousness, there are very real issues regarding the toilet paper frenzy, and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. Many low-income households are probably suffering because of immense panic infused bulk-buying. Everyone needs necessities such as toilet paper, be mindful in your local supermarkets!

Thank you for saving the day Jimmy Brings.