80s synth without the cheese, this is Jordan F’s Set Me Free

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The sun is bright in the afternoon’s sky. You’re young, feeling energetic and your heart is alive and wants to dance. But, a dance floor doesn’t cut it, you need something more to get your groove on. What you need is a fluoro trampoline. Jordan F’s track Set Me Free is what that trampoline dance floor was made for, and you’ll be hard pressed to find yourself sitting still when those irresistible beats come on.

Jordan F

Jump in your delorean, it’s time to take a trip back to the intoxicating synths and rhythms of the 80s courtesy of Jordan F’s Set Me Free.

Jordon F (The F stands for Faeghi), a producer from Sydney, knows how to create 80s nostalgia without any extra cheese while delivering a sound that feels like a tasty burger covered in the right kind of sauce. On the track Set Me Free, Jordan F teams up with vocalist Morilla from Midnight Pool Party to create a song that is all funky disco with plenty of colour and shape.

It’s not enough to tap your foot – this track will give you a lot of swagger, reminding you not just to walk but to strut your stuff on a night out. Forget everything, leave your worries behind, just get up and dance, jump on the fluoro trampoline until you’re set free. Jordan F is for those who dig Midnight Pool Party, Touch Sensitive or Froyo.

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Speaking of the single Faeghi says “The track is a fun and cheeky slice of upbeat synth funk that will make you feel like you’re with Leisure Suite Larry on his journeys through cosmopolitan hotels, ships, beaches, resorts and casinos.

Which makes who Jordan F cites as his influences a little surprising; Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and John Carpenter (the horror movie director). This is a producer who thinks beyond the usual suspects. Retro for retro’s sake isn’t cool. Jordan F takes those influences and repurposes them for the current generation. There’s no nostalgia here, it’s a true appreciation for what made the 80s synth movement great, an appreciation that sees him head and shoulders above the rest of the current synth pop crowd.

Imagine Axel Foley driving the Batmobile through the world of Blade Runner in a shirt that only could only be found in Miami Vice. Jordan F gets the 80s without mocking the synth sounds that too many musicians imitate with cheesy cringes. Jordan F sets the music free, removing the mouldy cheese and replacing it with some seriously tasty special sauce.