’90s legends Smash Mouth are copping it from Taylor Swift fans after dissing her new album

Smash Mouth, yep, the band best known for their contributions to the Shrek soundtrack, took to Twitter recently to release a one-word review of Taylor Swift‘s new album, folklore.

The band renamed the album “borelore”, and as expected, Swift fans were not happy.

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Smash Mouth have shown their distaste for Taylor Swift’s surprise quarantine album by posting a one-word review on Twitter, renaming the album borelore.

Exhibit A:

It’s unclear from this simple review whether the band just weren’t vibing with the music or if Swift, in general, is not their cup of tea. But, either way, Swift fans were ready to fight back:

Among the Swiftie fans is none other than Dylan O’Brien, who jumped to the defence of the album the next day:

Whether you’re a Smash Mouth stan or a Swiftie, there is one thing we can all agree on: the Shrek soundtrack rocks.