Stay in this weekend with a 13-hour, 142-track chronological playlist of Patti Smith’s discography

With an artist as prolific as Patti Smith, it can be difficult knowing where to start if you’re a newer fan. Boasting an impressive discography in addition to several published books of prose and poetry, her work to date is definitely a mountain to climb.

And if you want the whole picture, what better way to start your journey than in chronological order? Thanks to Open Culture, you now have the opportunity to in an easily binge-able playlist format.

patti smith chronological discography horses

Been meaning to get into Patti Smith? Here’s the ultimate tool: a chronological playlist spanning the eminent poet and artist’s astounding career.

Beginning with 1975’s Gloria: In Excelsis Deo and ending with 2012’s Neil Young cover After The Gold Rush, the playlist is a 14-hour journey through almost 40 years of rich musicianship.

Dive in, you won’t regret it.

Via Open Culture.