PREMIERE: Get lost in Big League’s heartwarming new clip Feel Good Peace

Following the release of their impressive debut album I Thought Thunderbolt, indie pop-rock four-piece Big League have released a vintage, Super 8 style video for their track Feel Good Peace.

The Melbourne band adopt the best elements of ’90s Australian alternative rock to deliver a strong, fuzz soaked and hook driven single reminiscent of bands such as Guided By Voices, Pavement and Archers of Loaf.

Through the charming home video style clip, we’re invited to see a band at peace, truly overjoyed to be playing music.

big league feel good piece happy mag premiere

With their layers of jangly, fuzzed out guitar and blissful summertime vocals, Big League feel like ’90s grunge on muscle relaxants.

With their male/female vocal melodies, Big League present uplifting alternative pop-rock that is sure to warm the hearts of even the most jaded music fan. The grungy, fuzzy layers of guitar, accompanied by Trav’s soothing melodies, is like somebody took the best elements of ’90s grunge and played it back in slo-mo.

Through their distinctive language of distorted melodies, Big League offer music that celebrates the often unappreciated glory of suburban Australia.

I Thought Thunderbolt, the band’s 11-track debut album, manoeuvres through the challenges of growing up, facing social expectations by presenting narratives of everyday heroes coming up against the odds.

Over the past two years, Big League have been impressing audiences across Australia with head turning live shows, and a prolific catalogue of recorded music.

The release of the video comes as Big League off the back of a string of live dates. There’s one left, so make sure you get to their show at the Metro Hotel, Adelaide on November 23rd. Grab all the details here.


I Thought Thunderbolt is out now