What made Freddie Mercury the greatest singer in rock? Find out in a new, in-depth doco

Who’s your favourite vocalist of all time? An artist’s voice is something that’s so inherently subjective that you’d think everyone on earth would have a different answer. But when in comes to rock ‘n’ roll singers, Freddie Mercury stands above the crowd in a league of his own.

Whether it’s his range, timbre or something else entirely, there’s something about Freddie’s goosebumps-inducing voice which just defies belief. It’s the subject of a wonderful video from Polyphonic, who have done a deep dive on the science behind the best rock voice of all time.

freddie mercury voice vocalist queen

What made Freddie Mercury’s voice so damn good? Dive into the science behind rock and roll’s most flawless vocalist in this video from Polyphonic.

Covering everything from Freddie’s inhuman vibrato frequency to his insane vocal range, the video examines just about every facet of what made Freddie’s voice have such a distinct ‘vocal fingerprint’.

It’s a seriously good watch. Apparently there was even a scientific study in Freddie’s voice at one point.

Of course, the Queen frontman wasn’t just a pitch-perfect vocalist. He was a performer beyond all normal comprehension, a figure who could control a crowd of 100,000 people like an artisan puppeteer.

Watch the video below:

Via Open Culture.