A crash course in North American post-punk, courtesy of The Lost End

Hailing from Norman, Oklahoma, The Lost End produce passionate and haunting post-punk with tint of psych. In February 2018 they dropped their self-titled album, and they’ve been on our radar since.

What became clear is that they’re hardly alone in the northern hemisphere. In fact, The Lost End had plenty to chat about once we started enquiring about the post-punk scene in their parts.

the lost end north american post-punk

Australia has a healthy scene going on, but what about North American post-punk? Do your homework with these 10 selections by The Lost End.

ACTORS (Vancouver, Canada)

Their new album It Will Come To You will be a future classic in the post-punk genre.

Dresden Bombers (Norman, Oklahoma)

Fantastic post-punk band with high energy, infectious synth melodies, and powerful rhythms.

Emmaline Twist (Kansas City, Missouri)

If you listen to their song Desperate Measures, it will not leave your head and you will be happy about it.

Second Still (LA, California)

Awesome, dark, guitar-driven band with great haunting vocals.

Ghost Bones (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

Rocking four piece with catchy guitar riffs.

Weathered Statues (Denver, Colorado)

Great retro sound. Listen to their single Corpse Candle.

Kali Ra (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Wide range of eclectic melodies with dark overtones, look out for upcoming album The Monarch.

The Secret Post (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Retro post-punk band with a new single 8:06 on Control Records.

Bloody Knives (Austin Texas)

Electronic/industrial band that just released a great new album White Light Black Moon.

Rosegarden Funeral Party (Dallas Texas)

Another great post-punk band with a lot of energy, style, and emotion. Check out their album The Chopping Block.