A new INXS concert film is coming to Australian cinemas

The iconic 1991 Wembley Arena performance from INXS will be receiving a theatrical release! With a 4K HD remaster being brought to life from the original 35mm print, theaters around Australia will be screening the set from November 14th.

The original performance took place back in July 1991 when the band were at their peak. With the gargantuan Kick and X records fresh in the public’s mind, the Sydney based sextet took the iconic arena by storm and held nothing back.

Return to the early 90’s where INXS had the world held tightly in their vice grip. INXS Live Baby Live will be shown in theaters for the first time this November!

As described by the groups founding member Tim Farriss, there were no ego ramps, no back-up singers, no props, no grand pianos etc, just the six of us….and the audience went nuts! That’s all we needed!

The world has been doused in fresh INXS content lately. Earlier this year, the documentary Mystify hit theaters. Centering itself on the life of the band’s late vocalist Michael Hutchence, Mystify gave fans additional insight into the love and loss that guided the vocalist’s career and life outside of music.

In recent years, an Australian made biopic Never Tear Us Apart hit TV screens around the country. The flick saw the rise of INXS, from their humble cover band beginnings to the iconic Wembley performance.

The remastered live performance will be hitting a range Aussie theaters from November 14th. To see where you can catch the show, check here for your local listing.

Watch the trailer below: