New singles and absolute schtonkers: a quick catch-up with Winston Surfshirt

Over the last year and a half, something special definitely went down in Winston Surfshirt town. The band snagged a couple of massive singles leading into their debut album Sponge Cake, and since then it’s been a festival one weekend, a European tour the next.

Safe to say, we were pretty psyched to hear a new cut from these guys. After spinning For The Record, their first single in too damn long, we caught up with frontman Winston for a yarn.

winston surfshirt interview 2018 for the record

How have Winston Surfshirt been occupying themselves since Sponge Cake dropped? Hear the latest on Manly’s smoothest exports from the man in front.

HAPPY: Hey Winston, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

WINSTON: Allo! Good danke! Same old just making music and getting ready to play music.

HAPPY: Looks like I’ve nabbed you right after dropping your new single. How are you feeling about For The Record now that it’s out?

WINSTON: Feel really good about it, glad she’s out, can’t even tell you how many times I must have listened to that tune. Goodbye my friend. I shall see you live.

HAPPY: I think I’ve seen you on more festival lineups than any Aussie band this year. Any that felt extra special?

WINSTON: Say whuuuut? Surely not haha. They’ve been great we had such a good time on Groovin that was a real fun time. Excited for what we got coming up.

HAPPY: On that, it’s funny to think of your solid (if a little crazy) northern Sydney crowd now. Do you still see those guys and gals at shows, in the nosebleed at Sydney City Limits or Field Day?

WINSTON: Yah see the peeps all the time. I’ve been doing it for about eight or nine years now, see people who used to watch lil acoustic shows down in Manly just messing with a loop pedal. Shout out to the El Beau cruw!!! Probably all going… Wonder what happened to that lovely lady who used to play in Manly and thought she was John Lennon?

HAPPY: Before the end of the year you have FOTSUN, anyone you’re extra keen to see there?

WINSTON: Tkay’s one of my faves in Australia so excited to see her again. Also keen to check Kwame. Remi, Pond, Skeggo’s and Miss Blue of course! Banging line up.

HAPPY: My friend caught you playing in Amsterdam and loved it. What did you learn, if anything, from playing to a Euro crowd for the first time?

WINSTON: No way that’s tidy! What a championè. In Amsters I learnt the true meaning of a Schtonker and to look both ways when crossing the road. Europe was amazing just amazed there were people on the other side of the world that came to check it out. And happy to say they weren’t all Australians on tour. Call it 30-70? Lol

Winston Surfshirt at Oxford Art Factory. Photo: Dani Hansen

HAPPY: Last time we chatted Be About You had just dropped, and The Bone called it a “new chapter” for the band. I’d say you’re on the other side of that now – how did the chapter go?

WINSTON: She was an amazing chapter! Still pinch meself that that many people have heard the tunes. Has been a great year for us just keen to crack on with the craic!

HAPPY: Is For The Record the start of another new chapter?

WINSTON: Chu know !!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

WINSTON: Thanks for having me! Love ya Haaaaaapppy xxxxx


For The Record is out now. Catch Winston Surshirt live:

Saturday December 1 – Fairgrounds Festival – Berry, NSW
Thursday December 13 – Festival of the Sun – Port Macquarie, NSW
Friday December 28 – Beach Life – Glenelg, SA
Saturday December 29 – Beyond the Valley – Lardner, VIC
Saturday December 30 – Lost Paradise – Glenworth Valley, NSW
Sunday December 31 – Origin Festival – Origin Fields, WA
Friday February 8 – Party in the Paddock – Launceston, TAS