A small Swiss town has been covered in chocolate snow following a Lindt factory malfunction

Every time it seems that 2020 is all doom and gloom, something glorious happens. Whether it’s Taylor Swift dropping a brand new surprise album or Jonathan Swan’s interview with Trump, this year has gifted us with some tiny nuggets of gold.

This time, 2020 really got something right, by magically spreading chocolate snow over the entire Swiss town, Olten.

Lindt, Chocolate Snow, Zurich, Olten

Located between Zurich and Basel, the Swiss city Olten woke up to everyone’s dream world when chocolate snow covered the whole town.

Yesterday, Olten residents were gifted with one of 2020’s idiosyncrasies after a Lindt chocolate factory ventilation system malfunctioned. As a result, the entire town was covered in fine cocoa powder. One of the chocolate-covered objects was this car pictured below, and since then, Lindt has apologised to the owners and even offered to pay for the cleaning.

It seems that the owners haven’t taken up Lindt on their offer, and well, who can blame them? It’s probably one of the best things to happen to the town all year!

Lindt has also assured the residents that the chocolate snow is not harmful and that the ventilation has officially been repaired. Truthfully, it’s sad that the ventilation system has been fixed, because 2020 could have truly been the year where chocolate-covered towns became a reality. Even in the middle of a pandemic, imagine all the people that would purchase tickets to go and experience chocolate snow for the first time. Perhaps someone (maybe Disney?) should hit up Willy Wonka with a new theme park idea โ€“ it might be the move that officially turns this year around.

The tweets have been off the wall, warmly welcoming this 2020 special, and really, who wouldn’t want to wake up to chocolate snow?

It’s a shame that this magical experience was so short-lived, but fingers crossed something like this happens again.