A soundtrack of previously unreleased Elliot Smith tracks is set to get a release

Kevin Moyer, producer of the newly released Elliot Smith documentary Heaven Adores You has said that in his vast research for the film he has, much like Montage of Heck, uncovered a whole bunch of Smith recordings previously unheard by the public. Moyer, a good friend of Smith’s, has now said that these tracks will culminate in a soundtrack of demos, outtakes, Smith classics and instrumentals.

Elliot Smith heaven adores you

Speaking to Pitchfork about the soundtrack, Moyer has said:

“Right now, my track list is 20 Elliott songs from the film with only around four or five having been previously released,” Moyer said. “I spent a lot of time on the song selection and sequence order so that it is hopefully a balance between rough and polished works, early and late career compositions, instrumental and vocals both, and trying to make sure that we showed his evolution as an artist too, but also retaining the story that the film presents as well as making sure that the soundtrack has a good flow and is an enjoyable listen.”

More information is due to come out in the following months such as tracklisting and a release date. Smith fans, keep your eyes peeled.