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Get Ready to Lose Your Mind: Paramore Covers ‘Burning Down the House’ for A24’s ‘Stop Making Sense’ Album

First peek at A24’s tribute album with Paramore’s electrifying take on Talking Heads’ masterpiece ‘Burning down The House’

American rock veterans Paramore are set to inject their signature sound into Talking Heads’ iconic ‘Burning Down the House’ for A24’s upcoming tribute album, a celebration of the band’s groundbreaking 1984 live masterpiece ‘Stop Making Sense.’

This project will see 16 artists reimagining various tracks from the legendary concert film, promising a stack of interpretations alongside Paramore’s fiery take on the album’s anthemic centerpiece.

While the full album release date remains under wraps, Paramore has already set the internet ablaze with a taste of their ‘Burning Down the House’ cover.

A stunning teaser on social media reveals lead singer Hayley Williams unwrapping a mysterious package, none other than the oversized suit worn by David Byrne on stage in ‘Stop Making Sense.’

This playful nod to the film’s iconic visuals is followed by a snippet of Paramore’s cover, showcasing their trademark energy infused with the Talking Heads’ angular grooves.

‘Stop Making Sense’ itself needs little introduction. Directed by the visionary Jonathan Demme, it transcended the bounds of concert films, becoming a cultural phenomenon upon its release in 1984.

Demme’s innovative camerawork, Byrne’s captivating stage presence, and the band’s explosive performances combined to create an unparalleled cinematic experience.

A24, known for their impeccable taste and dedication to artistic innovation, remastered and restored the film in 2023, bringing it back to life for a new generation.


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Now, with Paramore stepping up to ignite ‘Burning Down the House,’ the flame of ‘Stop Making Sense’ burns brighter than ever.

Their energetic and emotive approach to the Talking Heads’ music promises to add a fresh layer of excitement to this beloved classic.

The anticipation for the full album is already reaching a fever pitch, with music fans eager to hear how the other 15 artists will pay homage to this influential work.

Whether you’re a longtime Talking Heads devotee or a Paramore convert drawn to the buzz, this A24 tribute album promises to be an electrifying journey through one of music’s most iconic moments.

With Paramore leading the charge, ‘Burning Down the House’ is just the first spark in what is sure to be a fiery celebration of ‘Stop Making Sense.’