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Abbey Road opens its doors to the globe with the acquisition of Audiomovers

Abbey Road Studios’ acquisition of Audiomovers means you could record at the hallowed space, without ever leaving your own house.

There really isn’t a more famous recording studio in the world than Abbey Road. The venue made famous for having recorded The Beatles and sharing its name with the Fab Four’s last recorded album was once a place beyond the reach of all but a few. But with Abbey Road Red’s acquisition of Audiomovers, all that could change.

Audiomovers was founded in 2017 by Igor Maxymenko and Yuriy Shevyrov — and due to the requirement of remote work — the company saw a massive growth in recognition during the pandemic. The software allows users to stream, record and listen to high-quality multichannel audio alongside others in real-time all around the globe. Feedback for the software has been enthusiastic, with Tim Bran, producer for Primal Scream and London Grammar stating “It’s seamless for me, virtually no lag or delay and no crashes. It’s as close to being in the studio with an artist as it will get.”

Abbey Road, Audiomovers

This new business acquisition sees Abbey Road studios open up its doors to a much wider customer base, allowing artists from around the globe to record using their facilities, without the need for physical interaction.

Managing Director of Abbey Road, Isabel Garvey explains:

In the past year we’ve seen 100% of studio sessions requiring some level of remote access and the name Audiomovers being repeatedly mentioned. We believe the shift to remote music production is here to stay and we want to be part of this new world, supporting music making in all its forms, no matter where creators might be located. It’s a natural extension for Abbey Road, enabling creativity beyond the physical building.”

This new business partnership has proven to be the early stages of an exciting step forward for both companies. “With an admirable portfolio of audio plugins and production tools, as well as years of experience developing start-ups, we felt that Abbey Road Studios is the natural home for our business.”