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Zultan cymbals partners with Rohema to develop sustainable drumsticks

Zultan has taken the next step in modernising the drumstick manufacturing process, by creating a product that promotes environmental sustainability.

The latest music company taking a step in the right direction environmentally is the German cymbal manufacturer Zultan. Working closely with drumstick and mallet manufacturer Rohema, Zultan has released a range of sustainable drumsticks. The two companies have developed 14 new models during their successful partnership.

Relying heavily on Rohema’s 130 years of experience, the much younger Zultan has looked to expand on their range of products to further develop as a company. “Each piece of wood is weighed and sorted in advance. This allows us to achieve a unique consistency in the weight of the individual stick models. That means we can develop the right sticks even for very special requirements.”


What Zultan and Rohema have developed is a truly unique product, shaping a path to the future that other companies will hopefully follow. Drumsticks are typically quite a wasteful product, with thousands of pairs around the world being broken and binned each year. Vic Firth alone manufactures 12 million drumsticks annually. While sustainability initiatives such as only using non-endangered wood and forest replenishment by Promark, the resulting product still generates waste.

Zultan’s new product features a natural and sustainable lacquer that is free of wood preservatives, toxic heavy metals, phthalate plasticisers, formaldehyde, CMR substances cat. 1A + 1B and volatile halogen organic compounds. While no specific release date is yet available, they will be available in a variety of sizes and variations, including hickory sticks, soft mallets and beaters, bamboo rods and wire brushes, and will all be made in Germany.

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