Lonely In Company, the new single from Abby Wolfe, is about to takeover your weekend playlist

Sometimes you just hear a song and think “yeah, this is probably gonna be a hit.” This is the feeling you’ll get when you listen to Abby Wolfe’s new single Lonely In Company.

It’s the kind of track you can imagine taking over party playlists everywhere. The kind of track you just can’t escape… though thankfully this time you won’t want to.

On her new single Lonely In Company, New Zealand’s Abby Wolfe crafts a seemingly perfect pop hit. You’re going to want to jump on this bandwagon before it’s too late.

With only two singles under her belt, the Dunedin artist shows a maturity in her songwriting that most artists take years to develop.

The new track features some of the most infectious vocal hooks you’ll ever come by, and as I’ll attest; they will be stuck in your head for days.

Since its release late last month, the track has already raked in tens of thousands of views worldwide… so it appears that people are catching on rather quick.

For now, I urge you not to be the one person in your group of mates who hasn’t already heard this new song – do yourself a favour and listen to Lonely In Company by Abby Wolfe above.