About time: Twitter has permanently banned former KKK grand wizard, David Duke

Former KKK leader, David Duke, has been banned from a growing number of social media platforms, and as of last Thursday, July 30, he can add one more to the list: Twitter.

Duke had been active on the platform from 2009 and had accumulated over 53, 000 followers within 11 years.

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The Grand Wizard of the KKK has finally had his Twitter account shut down after promoting anti-semitic conspiracy theories and white supremacist content.

David Duke is a 70-year-old white supremacist, known for being a former Louisiana legislator, and the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan from 1974 to 1980. His YouTube account was shut down earlier this year in June for creating white supremacist content and hate speech. Unsurprisingly, he posted much of the same content on Twitter, which led to the social media company finally removing his account last week.

A Twitter spokesperson gave a statement to CNET on Thursday night, describing “[Duke] has been permanently suspended for Twitter Rules on hateful conduct.”

Duke was prone to promoting violence and harassment towards individuals and groups based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender, the spokesperson confirmed. Twitter is yet to confirm the exact post or posts that led to the banning of his account, but the Washington Post reported that he had recently shared content regarding anti-semitic conspiracy theories and shared misinformation about COVID-19, referring to Americans who refuse to wear masks in public as “the real heroes”. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Twitter has started to crack down on their anti-hate guidelines, as well as anyone who contributes to the spread of fake news.

In the last month, the platform has deleted over 7,000 accounts related to Q-Anon, suspended Donald Trump Jr.’s account for tweeting false information about COVID-19, and suspended other celebrities accounts disseminating false and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. So, it comes as no surprise that Duke’s account was next on the list to be deleted, and users have made it pretty clear that he will not be missed by many.