Alannah Chapman explores sensuality with ‘Keep It Classy’

Alannah Chapman’s latest sensual release, Keep It Classy will have you falling head over heels in love with her.

Alannah Chapman is one of Australia’s most enthralling neo-R&B artists. Bursting out of Perth’s music scene, Alannah found her way into music through her grandparent’s neglected piano during childhood, before stumbling upon her true love – the saxophone – in her teenage years.

Her songwriting pushes the boundaries of alternative R&B and hip hop, which is showcased in her latest single, Keep It Classy featuring the talented Drea.

Alannah Chapman
Credit: Press

Keep It Classy is a commanding track that takes you on a trip through her most intimate thoughts, with lush harmonies, vibrant beats, and delicious notes of Alannah’s much-loved saxophone.

The lyrics delve into the feel-good cherished moments of exploring new relationships. Alannah tells Happy: “If everything is perfect, things would get a little boring, so let’s keep everything classy, messy and sexy.”

Credit: Beehive

With Keep It Classy starting to take shape in her mind, Alannah made sure to enlist the most acclaimed producer to bring her idea to full fruition, producer Calvin Bennett. Alannah noted, “When I was recording the EP with Calvin, I always used to say everything needed to sound classy and messy but in a sexy, fun kind of way — so this song encapsulates that. I don’t like to take things too seriously when I write because it’s really all about having fun in the process of creating, and thus this song was born.” 

If Keep It Classy is a mere glimpse at what’s to come, then it won’t be long until you are infatuated with Alannah as well. Stream Keep It Classy via Spotify below.