Making gaming green, 'Alba: Adventure Life' will match every download by planting a tree

Making gaming green, ‘Alba: Adventure Life’ will match every download by planting a tree

Alba: Adventure Life is a gorgeous, open world game that puts you in the shoes of a child intent on fixing everything. Ustwo, the dev team behind it, are also doing their best to save the world.

Alba: Adventure Life sees you play a little human with a red and white cap that’s determined to capture (in photo form) all the fauna in the area. If it sounds a little familiar, there might be a reason for that.

What defines Alba: Adventure Life is a commitment to helping the creatures you encounter – there’s no battling here. Instead, you’ll work with the other townsfolk, restoring dolphins to their home and bettering the world around you in general.

Alba: Adventure Life

That commitment flows through everything in-game, and in glorious news, is followed by a commitment from developers Ustwo Games to do better for the environment in the real world. They’ve pledged to plant a tree for every download or purchase made, and so far have put 530,000 seeds into the ground.

Ustwo haven’t let this put them on the back foot at all though, declaring on Twitter that they’re only halfway to their million-tree goal. Now, is that a little humble-braggy? Maybe. Does it stop us supporting it? Hell no!

This kind of positivity and forward thinking is a definite bonus in my eyes, and clearly the eyes of the half million people that got onboard since Alba: Adventure Life had its December 11th release. Other developers, take note!

If you have an Apple Arcade account, you can actually get a download for free, so what a way to spend your day. Plant a tree, play a game. Sounds like a win-win to me.

If you want to keep up to date with Alba: a Wildlife Adventure, you can at their Ecologi page (like Kickstarter, but with a green focus). I definitely know Alba waitin’ to see how it goes – boom.