Alfie Templeman announces new album ‘Radiosoul’, releases title track

Aflie Templeman has unveiled plans for his next album with new single and title track Radiosoul. 

Alfie Templeman has today (March 8) released Radiosoul, the latest single and title track of his just-announced upcoming album.

Combining elements of psychedelia, soul and indie, the single carves out a new sonic lane for the English singer-songwriter while staying true to the unbridled joy that defines his previous releases. 

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Radiosul was produced by Templeman and a collaborative team including Nile Rodgers, Dan Carey and Karma Kid, among others.

A clearer venture into rock territory, the single reflects on the age of social media, and the freedom that comes when we step away from it.

“People go to great lengths to conceal their imperfections, committing to this growing and burdening illusion,” Templeman explained in a press statement. 


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“I think the song to me just helps to embrace the little imperfections of being human.” Radiosoul is the latest preview of Templeman’s forthcoming album of the same name.

The project was recorded over the course of five months, documenting Templeman’s process of self-discovery and showcasing the songwriter’s newfound incisiveness.

Radiosoul is said to zip between genres at a whim, and serves as the follow-up to Templeman’s 2022 debut, Mellow Moon. 

Speaking to Happy Mag at the time of the album’s release, Alfie Templeman said he “[wasn’t] really focused on making new music at the moment compared to previous years.”

Thankfully, he’s been busy since then. Listen to Aflie Templeman’s new single Radiosoul below.