Aliens, science and biting satire. Who is Conspiracy of One?

You don’t know it yet, but something is missing in your life. It’s like the first time you get a pet, you never knew you needed them until all of a sudden you couldn’t imagine life without them.

Until today you didn’t realise anyone was writing fun, quirky music about science and poking fun at what is not science but pretends to be, unless you were already a fan of Tim Minchin of course!

Conspiracy of One is on a journey to the outer reaches of the human psyche to amplify waves of sound and intellect. Fall under the truth spell of Nathan Eggins!

Following in Tim’s (bare) footsteps is Brisbane artist Nathan Eggins a.k.a. Conspiracy of One.
Fascinated by how and why people think, Nathan’s mission is to get people interested in the scientific process and to safely introduce them to the dark underbelly of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and other alternative themes that all-too-often have no basis in fact but claim otherwise to take advantage of their unsuspecting victims.

His music is far from bitter however, preferring to adopt a more light-hearted approach using humour, satire and plenty of upbeat catchy hooks to familiarise his listeners with the tropes and red flags needed to finely tune their ‘BS detector‘, and to open them up to new perspectives and observations of our modern world.

Dance floor dwellers at his live shows for example will happily sing along “Would I lie to you?” or shout “Quack!” when he asks “What sound does a duck make?” but perhaps not realise until a charlatan attempts to recruit them into a pyramid scheme or “remove toxins” from their body that their first layers of critical thinking defences have already been raised by listening to Nathan’s music.

His new single is on the verge of release  Don’t Forget to Like! is styled as a love song from the perspective of social media to you, saying “thank you for everything you give“. A cheeky reminder of just how much of ourselves we willingly give up each day.

 Another single planned for future release called We’re All Aliens, Baby will be a thought provoking philosophical piece based on the Fermi Paradox, naturally wrapped up in his signature style of catchiness and bouncy vibes while pondering the universal existential question: “are we alone?“.

By now you’re realising that this is something you need in your life and you’re asking “how do I make this happen?“.

For those in the Brisbane area you can check out his enjoyable and engaging live show featuring the full band at his single launch at The Zoo 25th July, doors open 7pm.
If you live a little further away, let him know you want to see him tour in your area by getting in touch, following him on socials and most importantly  of all….listening.