Teaser images promise more craziness for Season 4 of Rick and Morty

Be prepared for 10 new episodes of frantic, hilarious and OTT inter0dimensional adventures with Rick and Morty returning for a fourth season this November. The first images from Season 4 have been revealed and at first glance, it seems like fans can expect much of the same.

However the end of Season 3 left us with Rick and Morty parting ways and curiously, Morty is absent from these images.

rick and morty season four season 4 adult swim
Images: Adult Swim

Screenshots from the much anticipated fourth season of Rick and Morty promise more of the same craziness that’s made the show so popular.

Images of the upcoming season show Rick to be in more unfathomable scenarios. In one screenshot, he seems to be walking through a field of alien grain, Gladiator-style. Standard. In another, he seems to be bombarded by a group of hybrid robot-crocodiles. Perhaps ‘robocodiles?’ or ‘crocobots?’

What these screenshots promise is another action-packed season filled with numerous “what the hell?” moments and tons of laughs. And fans can rejoice because these 10 new episodes are only 10 of the 70 ordered so far by the Adult Swim network.

No images of Morty have been revealed, but we can anticipate that he will be dealt with the same precarious circumstances as Rick. No doubt, all of us can’t wait for November to arrive.