Amber Farnan emerges with a shining sophomore single of self-love and revival

Indie-folk darling Amber Farnan explores vulnerability in a sweepingly delicate and ambient palette of production gold on her new single.

With a wry Australian accent, Far North Queenslander and eighteen-year-old Amber Farnan declares her victory for learning a sacred truth so young. Her second single Over & Out is the realisation that personal trauma can illuminate an empowering sense of self discovery.

She melds a modern miasma of pop-production with an acoustic indie-folk playfulness. Think MALLRAT‘s bright danceability meets Missy Higgins‘ softness to create an inspired self-assuredness. It’s here that we introduce to you Amber Farnan, an old soul with a seminal new sound.

Amber Farnan

Immediately Over & Out announces itself as a quirky, ambient track. Buzzing, watery chords lay a youthful foundation that allows for keys, acoustic guitars and treated synths to build on top off. This wall of sound is intricately weaved together like a tapestry of compelling story-telling. A distinct vocal performance from Farnan is calculated and carries over a likeable edginess.

“All my plants are dead, I think I over watered them, maybe I thought they were you,” Farnan takes a stand against a past lover.

She injects subtle moments of falsetto in her straight-shoot story telling and promises a crescendo in the run up to each chorus. Seemingly growing in confidence, each new verse is dripping in connotative imagery. Over & Out acknowledges Amber Farnan’s passed achievements as a co-writing student ambassador for the Music Count Us In program, working with acts John Foreman and Jack River.


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In a recent interview with Scenestr, Farnan explained:

“This is an anthem of empowerment; it preaches and shouts from the roof tops that “YOU” are enough. ‘Over & Out’ incorporates the subtle reality of feeling isolated during a break-up in the lockdown, into a pop track, normalising self-empowerment.”

We predict the sharp rise of Amber Farnan with her striking songwriting. And as a multi-time finalist and winner in state wide songwriting competitions, it’s clear we’re not the only ones.

Enjoy the fruitful pop-production of Over & Out on Spotify below: