Did Amber Heard steal her testimony from a famous movie script?

Johnny Depp fans are accusing Amber Heard of ripping her testimony off from the Matt Damon film The Talented Mr. Ripley, but are the claims actually true?

Amber Heard has stepped up to the stand this week to defend herself against Johnny Depp’s claims she defamed him, and the actress has been facing backlash for ‘stealing’ her testimony from a famous Hollywood film.

Fans have claimed Heard’s statement “When I was around Johnny I felt like the most beautiful person in the world—then he would disappear,” was completely ripped off from the script of The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Amber Heard trial
Credit: Getty Images

We’re not going to make you read the whole article to find the answer. In short, no Amber Heard did not steal her testimony from the script of The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Sure, the quote from the film does mention the sun, but overall, they’re pretty different quotes. In the film, Matt Damon’s character says: “The thing with Dickie, it’s like the sun shines on you and it’s glorious—then he forgets you and it’s very cold”.

So if the quotes aren’t the same, why does everyone think she stole it?

Probably the same reason everyone was convinced A$AP Rocky cheated on Rihanna while they were holidaying in Barbados: social media.

News spreads faster than wildfire these days. So as soon as anyone makes a claim on Twitter, if people want to believe it, they will.