Amoeba Music’s iconic Sunset Boulevard store has closed for good

All three of Amoeba Music’s stores are temporarily closed, but this week the Sunset Boulevard location closes up for good.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the stores hosted live shows, signings, DJ Sets, and meet-and-greet events every week.

Amoeba Sunset Boulevard closes
Image: Getty

With the permanent closure of its Sunset Boulevard store, Amoeba Music says sitting out the summer is the best bet for everyone’s health and safety.

Founded in 1990, the iconic music chain is home to hundreds of thousands of new and used CDs, vinyl records, and audio cassettes. All of its California stores – in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood ­– have temporarily closed since the nationwide lockdown on March 19.

In a statement posted on their website, the company says music is “essential,” but in the current circumstances the retail environment is high-risk. Additionally, Amoeba say “handling shared product in a shared space” is a public hazard to customers and staff.

“This is heartbreaking for us,” the statement continues, “We never envisioned not being able to give the store the send-off it deserves, to give you all a chance to say goodbye. We had so many events planned to celebrate our history at 6400 Sunset! But we are facing too many mitigating circumstances that simply won’t allow for it.”

Amoeba Music says the closure will allow them to focus time and resources towards moving the store to Hollywood Boulevard. The music chain hopes the move will keep the store alive in the long run.

The company is receiving donations via GoFundMe and has already raised over USD218,000.