Anderson .Paak set to make his directorial debut with new film ‘K-POPS!’

As well as directing the film, Anderson .Paak will star in the dramatic comedy alongside his son, Soul Rasheed.

What can’t this man do. After setting the world alight with his beyond smooth collaboration with Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic, Anderson .Paak is set to make his feature film, directorial debut later this year with K-POPS!.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, the hip hip/soul artist will also be starring in the film alongside his son.

Anderson Paak Coachella
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Coachella

The pair kinda have to method act whether they like it or not because they’ll be portraying a father-son duo in K-POPS!, so you can probably expect on-screen chemistry aplenty.

To give you a basic rundown of the film, according to Deadline, Andy .Paak will play a musician who heads over to Korea to write music for K-Pop stars. But here’s the kicker. He discovers that his long-lost son is about to front one of the country’s hottest new groups.

So bad boy Andy tries to hi-jack his son’s fame but instead, learns important lessons about fatherhood.

If you’re familiar with Anderson .Paak, you’ll know that a movie he’s starring in and directing is going to be a shit tonne of fun.

Speaking on the film, Paak explained, “My mom is from Korea but she was adopted so I never knew anything about my Korean heritage until I met my wife.”

“This movie is a reflection on my experience learning about this part of myself alongside my wife and son – and spending even more time with them.”

He continued, “I knew this would be something I should write and direct, and Stampede Ventures took a chance and trusted that I could pull this off. I’m excited to bring it to the big screen.”

The release date for KPOPS! is yet to be announced, but you best believe we’ll be there on opening night.