Animal Crossing star KK Slider is being photoshopped into album covers

Animal Crossing, the epitome of our childhood gaming experience, has made a comeback. With the closure of all live events, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and beaches, we are running out of things to do from the safety of our own homes. So, this childhood favourite is back.

But better yet, our favourite character – the iconic KK Slider – has become part of a new trend across social media.

Some have described KK Slider as the Mick Jagger of the Animal Crossing world.

A legend of the game, KK Slider’s name is known around the village for being an easy-going, friendly character who is there to sell records in order to help you on your quest. Bottom line, he is an all-round good bloke and now Twitter users have taken his status to a whole new level.

Re-creating some of the world’s best-known album art, fans have photoshopped KK Slider in as the main attraction – and we are all for it. Seen often in the game sitting upon a suitcase with a guitar in hand, it is about time KK Slider made his mark on the real-world music scene.

Check out our favourite album re-creations below: