Anna Delvey swears to ‘quit scamming’ while she launches NTFs from jail

Holy fuck, nothing can stop this chick. Anna Delvey, the Queen of all cons, still hustles from prison. Now, she’s moved onto minting NFTs.

Professional poser, convicted felon and Netflix sensation, Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin), crosses her heart that she’s changed, apparently. She tells NBC News, “I’m trying to move away from this, like, quote unquote scammer persona.”

In case you somehow missed the Netflix special that put this 2019-convicted scammer back on the media map, ‘Anna Delvey’ is a notorious bullshit artist who posed as a fake German heiress whilst living in NYC, and conned a bunch of banks, hotels and mates out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anna Delvey
Credit: Timothy A. Clary / AFP via Getty Images

Released in February this year, the series called Inventing Anna covers all the shady shit this lady got up to whilst running a muck with Manhattan’s elite.

Portrayed by Julia Garner, the actress told Marie Clare that visiting the real Anna in prison was “intimidating” as fuck. And honestly, we don’t blame her. As the con artist has famously stated in a jailhouse interview with the New York Times, “I’d be lying to you and to everyone else and to myself if I said I was sorry for anything.”

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Now, Anna has a new money-making project in her sights. She’s making art behind bars and selling it as ‘non-scammy’ NFTs…allegedly. Purchasable via cryptocurrency, the NFTs are dubbed “Anna access cards” and provide the buyer with bonus benefits such as “exclusive livestreams” and private phone calls. As reported by NBC News, three of the access cards also offer “ultra-platinum” benefits, including the opportunity to meet the Queen of cons in person, and receive personal gift packages from her.

According to Anna, “I’m trying to move away from this, like, quote unquote scammer persona.” She tells NBC News, “This is, like totally, has been pushed upon me by the prosecution and by the following media and by the Netflix show, but I’m trying to move away from that definitely.”

Honestly, The Tinder Swindler works hard, but Anna Delvey works harder. Like, seriously, are we supposed to just believe this chick?? This supposed attempt to go legit and change people’s perception is coming from the same person who literally started cackling when NBC News asked her if she “owes anyone an apology.”

She said, “I’m not a 12-year-old kid…who would I be apologizing to?”

anna delvey
Credit: Steven Hirsch / AP

Okay, so basically, she’s not sorry for ditching her supposed bestie with a $60K hotel bill in the middle of Morocco? Wow. Talk about gypping your mates. And that’s not even half of it. When it comes to the banks she tried to steal hundreds of thousands from, Anna says, “I don’t think they care.”

Whatever you say, Anna!

Anna Delvey
Credit: AP

Look, we’re not going to lie. Is there a part of us that’s a little impressed with just how long she managed to pull off these elaborate scams, and fuck around with New York’s elite, before she was finally caught? Yeah, there is.

That being said though, are we going to be purchasing any of her NTFs?…don’t think so.