The Arctic Monkeys prove they are the epitome of cool: one of their tour cases doubles as a pop up bar

Not that we needed another reason to hail the Arctic Monkeys as one of the coolest bands on the planet right now, but one of their tour cases, also doubles as a pop-up bar.

The green room at a show often holds an air of mystery, sure, you assume that there is plenty of drinking going on behind closed doors. But often, that is all it ever is, a mysterious curiosity, because green rooms are usually a notoriously private affair.

One swell thing about the Arctic Monkeys is that they have always been happy to share their backstage antics, and more often than not it includes a round or five of margaritas. 

In a recent chat with Far Out Magazine frontman of Inhaler, Eli Hewson, has let it slip that the Arctic Monkeys actually take a flight case that turns into a pop-up bar on tour with them.

Hewson – whose band supported the Monkeys in Europe recently, recounted some sage advice that Alex Turner shared with them as a must-have for touring: a portable bar to add ambience to any room.  

He said: “They were telling me about this flight case, which has a lamp in, a table, so they bring the bar with them (on tour).

They were like, ‘Get one of these as soon as you can. It’ll make any drab room feel mint’.”

Inhaler is about to embark again with Arctic Monkeys on their 10-date tour in 2023.

The run kicks off in Linz, Austria on April 24, 2023, and wraps on May 9 in Paris, France.

Check out our fav Arctic Monkeys Margarita moments below: