Artist for Action: Musicians come together to end gun violence

Artist for Action enlist Billie Eilish, Nile Rogers, Sheryl Crow, and Peter Gabriel, in a new music video that calls for gun control.

In a collaborative effort that speaks volumes, musical heavyweights Billie Eilish and Peter Gabriel, joined by artists Sheryl Crow and Nile Rodgers, have come together in a new music video, shining a light on the pressing issue of gun violence.

The driving force behind this movement, “Artist For Action To Prevent Gun Violence,” isn’t here to play politics, but rather to implore Americans to step up, volunteer, and vote in the battle against gun violence.

Mark Barden, the man leading the charge, knows firsthand the pain of losing a loved one to senseless gun violence. His son was among the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy. His vision for Artists For Action is straightforward—to bring together a diverse coalition of artists, athletes, and influencers of every stripe in the common cause of preventing gun violence.

The artists involved have taken a solemn vow to champion this cause, using their platform to amplify the message. Peter Gabriel, a veteran voice in the industry, didn’t mince words in the video, expressing his disbelief at how easy it is for anyone to acquire a weapon in the U.S. “As much as I love the United States, I am always appalled at the ease with which anyone can get a weapon,” he reflects.

This non-partisan initiative represents the unwavering dedication of these artists to drive tangible change. The collective effort will reach its crescendo with a significant concert slated for December, commemorating the release of the film that spurred this project, “A Father’s Promise.” Another event of note is in the works for the upcoming summer at Central Park SummerStage, coinciding with Gun Violence Awareness Month.

As this impactful music video spreads its message, it serves as a reminder of the potential of art to be a catalyst for change. These artists stand together, their voices resonating, urging action, and demanding a shift in the narrative surrounding gun violence in America.

Head over to Artist For Action for more info.