Video Premiere: Adelaide’s Molly Rocket drop music video for GOD DAMN

Indie rock outfit Molly Rocket launch themselves into a new era with their unforgiving single and hectic music video for ‘GOD DAMN’

Opening with balaclava clad band members shoddily rolling out of the boot of a car, a shaky low quality camera capturing the trio as they race inside a house, ‘GOD DAMN’ sets a pretty immediate tone.

With a musical intro like something off a Blink-182 record, Molly Rocket lean hard into the rock aspect of their sound.

Donned with 2000s looking sunglasses and old t-shirts, the camera haphazardly trails the vocalist as he moves from room to room, delivering a Nirvana-esque performance with languid pronunciation and nostalgic energy.

The dizzying camera work lends itself to a dirty punk aesthetic, the band at one point laying on a bed covered in red tinsel, sunglasses on tight and guitar in hand.

The track itself is catchy and rough, a memorable chorus and a wall of sound. The vocals are a highlight in general, unique enough –m particularly in the verses – to allow Molly Rocket to stand apart from their contemporaries.

With silly humour, like walking in on another band member on the toilet with a newspaper in hand, to another engaged in a heated make out with a mannequin, Molly Rocket keep things light.

Feeling as if you’re trapped in some kind of never-ending trip — complete with bubbles and someone eating something nondescript in a bathtub – ‘GOD DAMN’ definitely induces a sense of realness amongst the madness.

The party vibes kick into full force just after the bridge, flashing lights and teeth and jumping all merge into something intense enough to make your head hurt.

The video ends back outside, with a pair of boys stealing a television and racing it back to their car. The wind blows obnoxiously, as the group successfully make their getaway, leaping onto the roof.

‘GOD DAMN’ is loose, it’s fun and it’s dank. Disorienting and aggressive, this video captures the melancholy and the frantic energy of the track.

Offering a sense of who Molly Rocket are – and how they like to party – ‘GOD DAMN’ is a strong track, with a fractured and sarcastic video to match.