Assassins 88

Killer name, killer tunes. These assassins come armed with a brand of pop-y noise-punk aimed directly at your eardrums. With a precision-developed low-fi sound and distorted guitars aplenty, their musical marksmanship has found its target after years of practice.


The two dudes from Canberra first hit the scene with their 2009 album Go Go Second Chance Virgin (these guys sure can drum up a name), released by local label Dream Damage. They followed it in April 2011 with four track EP Kaneda, bringing the heavy artillery with some brutal grungy punk. The same year also saw them release French Split, a split 7” with fellow Canberrans TV Colours and Parisian trashy rockers Catholic Spray through XVIII Records, generating what they could only describe as “kickass gutterpunk”. Within a few months they also dropped the four track EP Beach People, again teaming up with TV Colours to thrash out some raw low-fi goodness.

The constant releases have seen them tone down the bass in favour of guitar, with crisper recording and production whilst keeping the gritty rawness in their artillery. That said, you still have to listen pretty darn hard if you want to decipher the uber low-fi vocals. Assassins 88 bring the grungy big guns, epitomized on the track Summer Vacation, managing to cram it all into one minute of rage.

After initially calling it a day in mid-2012, the band resurfaced only a couple of months ago with new track Assault. The tune ironically is the least sonically assaulting they’ve put forward to date, with much cleaner production. Despite their Facebook page listing them as on hiatus and the members forming parts of other bands, it appears that the lads from Assassins 88 have a new sound and direction in their sights. Like John Wilkes Booth, perhaps they are ready to take their shot at something big.