Astronomer confirms that humans aren’t a miracle and Earth would’ve always evolved life

Our scientist friends are back at it again, reminding us that we aren’t that special. We’ve always thought that life on Earth was a bit of a miracle, and intelligent life even more so. Haha, think again.

Turns out that if we completely dialled back the clock, planetary life would’ve sprung up anyway, whether we were involved or not.

Sorry guys. Astronomer David Kipping has crunched the numbers, and he’s here to confirm that we ain’t that great.

“If the more ambiguous evidence for an earlier start to life is confirmed, then this would increase the odds to a factor of nine, representing relatively strong preference for a model where life would consistently emerge rapidly on Earth, if time were replayed,” Kipping ‘explains’ about his findings. 

Simply thrilling, I too love finding strong stuff that helps me mess with time. Essentially, this means that humanity (the remix) could’ve had gills, 20 eyes, or even wings, but they would’ve come into existence nonetheless if we weren’t here. Earth is just too homely, I guess? However, Kipping does note that finding intelligent life isn’t as easy.

“The possibility that intelligence is extremely rare and Earth ‘lucked out’ remains quite viable,” Kipping writes.

Yet, with a few Earth-twins out there, this means that there’s probably life beyond our stars. Astronomers still have their doubts about aliens, but have compiled a few likely theories: they’ve already come and gone, they’re so teeny-tiny that we can’t even see them, and the biggest vibe-check of them all, we’re actually living in a cosmic zoo run by extraterrestrial overlords.

Isn’t science just so fun?