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Attonbitus bring you 12 tracks of introspective hysteria with David Street

Adelaide based trio Attonbitus have been shaking up the South Australian music scene since their genesis back in 2012, so we think it’s pretty safe to say their debut album, David Street is something you’ll want to pay attention to.

“Since their formation, Attonbitus have started to cover ground displaying itself as a fresh unique sound setting itself apart from Australian contemporary music.”

The debut David Street release from Attonbitus combines prog, reggae, and slam poetry elements to create a unique expression of absurd inner dialogue and agitated self reflection.

Attonbitus are renowned for consistently providing entertaining live shows that slowly, but surely become a totally unhinged narrative of communicating one’s inner dialogue. The result is both raw, hysteric and strangely therapeutic.

“Band members Shivon Diana (bassist) and Craig Burns (drummer) drive the stylisation of this group through groovy alternative bass melodies complemented with clean-cut drum beats hinting undertones in prog, grunge, and reggae.”

“Most importantly what gives this band its own sound is in its versatility, which dances between soft and aggressive vocalisations. Primary lyrical writer Michael Brigante seems to hint a jovial, yet jaded message, which gives us an honest depiction of contemporary social issues.”

David Street explores a very personalised series of high and lows, each track taking on a unique synthesis of contrasting musical genres to tell its own story. The entirety of the album is something that will grab you from beginning to end, it is refreshingly honest, relatable and completely mesmerising.

Every track on the debut album is an expressive and honest testament to Michael’s unique take on composing.  He intertwines his personal experiences in a way that sets itself apart from anything else you’ve heard before.

Check out the full David Street album below!

“The album was crafted by primary songwriter Michael Brigante and demonstrates a visceral emotional engagement which paints a picture of the highs and lows experienced through his years living on David Street.”

“Most importantly the album shouts an anthem of love and support for our friends and family, A journey battling our day to day aggressive self-critical inner dialogue; persisting with doing it our own way, and thinking for ourselves. “


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November 14, 2018

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