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Audio-Technica 60th Anniversary Celebrations Continue with More Limited Edition Gear

For Audio-Technica’s 60th anniversary celebrations they’ve dropped another 2 incredible limited edition products, the ATH-WB2022 Wireless Headphones & AT-LP2022 Turntable.

Pop out the champagne — or passion pop (so you can save your money) — cos Audio-Technica has dropped another two stunning limited edition products, a set of headphones and a turntable.

The ATH-WB2022 Wireless Headphones & AT-LP2022 Turntable are not as expensive as their previous releases — A set of audiophile headphones and a high-end phono cartridge worth $15,999 AUD each — but they still sit in that premium class. You can even see in attention to detail when they produce these products.

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I’m sure you are wanting to know the price range of something as special as this — The ATH-WB2022 headphones come in at $5,999 AUD and the AT-LP2022 Turntable comes in at $2,499 AUD. Go on, make a package deal. You’ll have the best listening experience in the world…you won’t even need those supposed heightened sense aids (read: psychedelics)

So what do you get for all those dollars? To start, if one type of wood wasn’t enough the housing of the ATH-WB2022 wireless headphones is crafted from a selection of intertwined marbled maple, walnut, and mahogany wood.

In regards to sound, these have the world’s first completely balanced audio output system — its independent DAC (digital to analogue converter) and operation amplifier supports up to 24bit/96 kHz both in wireless and USB connections.

Since 1996, they’ve been making limited edition headphones  — only a limited number of the ATH-WB2022 are available worldwide—and Audio—Technica adds special new features each time. These sport a newly designed ⌀45 mm HD driver moulded in their factory in Naruse, Tokyo.

These have multiple Bluetooth connection points, connect with the Audio-Technica Connect App, has lag-free, low-latency sync mode, built-in controls for skipping tracks, volume, power and smartphone voice assistant functions, a power-off battery saving mode and can give you 9 hours of Hi-Fi listening.


The AT-LP2022 is a fully manual belt-drive turntable that is dressed to impress. With only 3,000 available worldwide, it includes a 30 mm
-thick, high-density clear acrylic chassis that reduces resonance and reveals the belt-drive motor and a clear-body Shibata stylus can pick up ultra-high frequencies, is easily interchangeable with the 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus that comes installed on the included AT-VM95E BK (black) cartridge.

If you want you can swap the stylus out for the aforementioned, 60th anniversary limited-edition gold AT-MC2022 phono cartridge. You’ll be the envy of all your audiophile friends and you’ll be hosting listening parties in no time.

So what’s in the tech specs of this impressive turntable? It’s got a sensor-monitored motor, specially designed, high-isolation, adjustable feet, an AC adaptor outside of the chassis (reducing signal-to-noise ratio), adjustable VTA (vertical tracking angle), and dynamic anti-skate control.

Not to mention it’s got a carbon-fibre tonearm with metal tonearm lift and base, a Lightweight AT-HS4SV headshell, two speeds: 33
-1/3 and 45 RPM, dual RCA (male) to dual RCA (male) stereo cable, 45 RPM adapter, and removable hinged dust cover.

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For more info on either of these Audio-Technica 60th anniversary products head over to Audio-technica.com