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Audio-Technica Creator Pack: all the tools you need to power your home studio

The Audio-Technica Creator Pack is a user-friendly solution for podcasters and home recording enthusiasts. It ships with everything you need to make your sonic imaginings come to life.

Recording has well and truly come a long way. It’s not exactly a new phenomenon (remember the trusty four-track?), but these days — and this year in particular — audio creatives have embraced the DIY philosophy wholeheartedly. With the Creator Pack, Audio-Technica has managed to put all the tools necessary to make compelling recordings at your fingertips.

Encompassing the signal chain from performing to monitoring, the Creator Pack streamlines a potentially complicated process. Featuring a microphone, headphones, and stands to make desktop performance easy, the Creator Pack takes the hassle out of recording so you can do what you do best.

AT Creator Pack

In digital recording, it’s essential to convert an analog signal to digital information. For this task, the audio interface is commonly relied upon. This is an additional expense (which can be a big one) and another link in the chain to consider.

In the Creator Pack, this necessary duty is handled by the microphone itself. Whereas most microphones have a standard XLR output to feed an audio interface, the AT-ATR2500x comes with its own USB output and carries out its own analog to digital conversion. This means that there’s no need for the audio interface, which further streamlines the setting up process.

Moreover, if you want to eliminate another step in the monitoring chain altogether, the AT-ATR2500x includes a direct headphone output (visible in the photos above and below). For a dead accurate representation of how your microphone sounds, you can plug your M20x headphones straight into the jack.

Being a condenser, the AT-ATR2500x is a sensitive microphone, ideal for capturing the voice at normal speaking levels. As the Creator Pack includes two stands — a short tripod for desktop mounting and a longer boom stand, which attaches to your desk via a clamp — multiple mediums are catered for.

If you’re planning to record a podcast, for example, you can use the longer boom stand to position the microphone closer to your mouth, which produces a broadcast-like, warm, and intimate vocal tone. If you’re streaming though — and you’d prefer to have the microphone out of shot — the smaller, desktop-mounted tripod is perfect for recording a clean and clear vocal performance at a distance.

With this particular microphone and choice of stands, recording music performances is a piece of cake. The boom can be positioned to get up-close and personal to a singer’s voice, an acoustic guitar, or a percussive instrument.

AT Creator Pack

Listening to your creations comes courtesy of the ATH-M20x headphones. These cans come with 40 mm drivers — capable of reproducing booming basses, all the way up to sparkling top-end details. They also feature a circumaural design which isolates the ears with comfortable earcups, which is necessary for working in potentially noisy environments.

Best of all — and much like the other headphones in the Audio-Technica family — they fit luxuriously. Some creature comforts aren’t completely necessary, but if you’re working for long stretches with headphones on, a comfortable fit is a prerequisite. On this crucial point, the ATH-M20x headphones do not disappoint.

In this era of isolation, people have sought after ways to keep the creative spark alive. Audio-Technica’s Creator Pack provides a range of elegant tools for new and experienced audio creators to do just that.

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