BandLab’s AudioStretch app has gone viral thanks to TikTok

TikTok has turned AudioStretch music software into one of Apple’s top-charted apps, becoming a viral sensation you will either love or hate.

Music software AudioStretch is currently sitting pretty at the top of Apple’s application charts, yet it isn’t its latest price drop that has its popularity spiking.

TikTok and its mastering of viral content is the real reason why this app is soaring in ratings. But why?

AudioStretch TikTok

The music transcription app from Bandlab has garnered massive amounts of popularity in recent days, claiming the number one spot of paid music apps whilst on sale for only $1.99 — the lowest price it has ever been.

But, being originally manufactured as an intuitive tool for producers and musicians alike, the app has taken on a new role: a high-functioning audio tool being used across TikTok as the latest running video trend.

The app for IOS and Android is a useful tool that enables users to change the speed of an audio file that has been transcribed through the app without altering its pitch. Yet, what really sets this application apart from its predecessors, is its now “meme-worthy” function in transcribing audio from video files.

Videos are imported from the phone’s gallery or recorded straight into the app for instant manipulation, a function the TikTok community has unsurprisingly made into a new trend, warping this asset to audio production into a trending meme that will have you listening to Spongebob’s psychotic laugh over and over again.

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