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Spatial Audio is coming to Logic Pro this year

Apple’s Spatial Audio update is equipping music-authoring tools with immersive capabilities, a new standard for everyday surround sound.

Spatial Audio is a development in audio that seeks to present sound within an all-encompassing environment.

With Apple’s Logic Pro update, producers will have the ability to mix songs within a 360 degree sound format, anytime and anywhere.

Powered by Dolby Atmos, this new piece of immersive audio tech is coming to the Mac-only DAW, enabling artists and engineers to mix music in a way that goes beyond the traditional stereo format.

The news came out of Apple’s latest WWDC keynote conference. It was jam-packed with fifteen new announcements extending from the latest OS 15 update to a new AI software called ‘Live Text’, which will digitise the text in your photos.

Apparently, this will unlock a market of tools, turning handwritten notes into emails or searching your camera roll for receipts or recipes you’ve captured (because Apple needs to retrieve even more of our personal info… yikes).

But, with this, Apple is also adding built-in Spatial Audio tools straight into its Logic Pro software. Accessible through Apple Music, this update should significantly bolster the streaming service’s popularity.

As Apple Music’s Zane Lowe says, “First there was mono, then stereo, and now there’s Spatial Audio.”

In addition to the many Dolby Atmos tracks already available on the platform, by release date Apple Music will have added Lossless Audio to its catalogue of 75 million songs and have generated a playlist of tunes made for Spatial Audio.

Filled with tracks ranging from The Beatles to Taylor Swift, The Rolling Stones to a suite of classical pieces from the LA Philharmonic, the catalogue will demonstrate the immersive capabilities achievable with Spatial Audio.

A sonic development now swiftly taking over entertainment industries, it is clear a new standard in listening quality is arising, a 3D surround sound experience I’m sure people will quickly become quite accustomed to.

Check it out here.