Aussie actor Laura McCulloch found in LA after going missing from a date

Melbourne-hailing actor, Laura McCulloch vanished all weekend, after an online date in LA. She’s been found in custody after bizarre events.

Laura McCulloch had quite the weekend. The 37-year-old Aussie actor, now based in Santa Monica, sent waves of concern across her friends and family in Melbourne over the weekend, after going radio silent following an online date at a restaurant in her local area on Friday (August 12).

Her loved ones began to feel alarmed once they tried contacting Laura and realised that her phone was switched off. They also alleged, in a now-deleted social media post, that her dating profiles had been deleted.

Credit: Instagram @lauracmcculloch

After receiving no word from McCulloch all weekend, a missing persons report was lodged with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on Monday (August 15), after the actor didn’t show up for her shift at work.

Now, it has come to light that Laura McCulloch was detained by authorities for the entirety of her time missing. She was reportedly arrested by police officers from the Santa Monica Police Department, under charges of “public intoxication and resisting arrest.”


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Officers informed news.com.au that Laura had gotten drunk at a Japanese restaurant on Friday, thrown an alcoholic beverage at a child, “charged” at officers, and even bit one of them.

On Tuesday, US time (PTD), her Aussie and LA friends and family finally heard from her, and learned about this bizarre string of events. On that same day, Laura McCulloch faced a local court in Los Angeles.